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Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Projects |

Axel Tube Manufacturing Line Automation for Tube Products of India, Chennai

Sasyaka Engineering has designed and installed a material movement line for TPI to enable the axle tubes to be conveyed between three machines. This included a pick and place system for loading and unloading tubes weighing close to 8kg from a (computer numeric controlled) CNC machine. The gantry developed was based on a servo motor for precise axis motion and pneumatic grippers for grabbing material. The controller and the programme used ensured a certain amount of simple communication between machines as well as intelligence features that would be beneficial for smooth functioning much like man to man communication. The stand out challenge here was to link up three machines which do not have any similarity. All safety interlocks were ensured to avoid collisions or accidents which could occur during operation. This machine was meticoulously designed to handle close to 5 different lengths of the same type of axle tube.