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Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Services, slider |

Mechanical Product Development

Manufacturing industries require various mechanical solutions such as fixtures, stations with poke yoke features incorporated, test rigs and end-of-arm toolings.The in-house mechanical team at Sasyaka Engineering work along with their customers to design, develop and construct comprehensive mechanical solutions for wide-ranging applications.


During the creation of such assemblies, mechanical engineering concepts are used to arrive at a solution that incorporates the required accuracies and yet is simple in its design. The challenge in these projects is the uniqueness of each requirement. For some of our customers such as Arvin Meritor, we have developed across-the-board mechanical assemblies that include fixturings and poke yoke stations.

Sasyaka has also developed End-Of-Arm-Toolings (EOAT) for customers in the mass manufacturing fields. These EOATs are used in a variety of industrial robotic applications including plastic injection moulding, insert moulding etc

Photo 15a

Photo 15b
Customised EAOT for Nypro Forbes