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Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Services, slider |

Pick and Place Automation

In todays world of mass manufacturing, the demand is to maximize efficiency and boast of consistent output. ‘Part feeding & material transfer’ is a key link in any chain of production that can have a large impact on labour and the time factor of a manufacturing process. In such cases, cost-effective automation can provide a dependable and consistent process for the same. Sasyaka Engineering Solutions designs, builds and installs customized engineering solutions to perform loading, unloading and material transfer tasks.

Photo 2

‘Induction Annealing Auto-Loading’ Pick and Place machine designed and custom built for TVS Motor Company

TPI picknplace

Axle tube-Manufacturing line Automation

Elegant mechanical designs coupled with robust control of machine behaviour help in reduced downtimes and increased productivity. Such systems employ pneumatic actuators or servo motors to move the material, while the material itself is handled by using customized end effectors like mechanical and vacuum grippers. All these units have an inbuilt controller, which is programmed in-house to carry out its pre defined tasks.

pick and place 3

Close-up of a customized mechanical gripper for use as an end-effector in one of our machines

Photo 5


The design is typically based on a number of factors such as

  • Material to be loaded
  • Type of machine(s) involved in loading/unloading
  • Environmental constraints at place of installation
  • Accuracy of positioning
  • Improved cycle time
  • Consistent production

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Photo 5


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TPI, Axel Tube

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Sandhar, poke yoke