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Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Services |

Product Design – Engineering and Consultancy

A fresh and independent set of eyes is always beneficial in making significant observations. At Sasyaka Engineering, our vast expertise in design, mechanical, electrical and controls engineering allows us to provide consulting services to organisations to help them execute necessary improvements for their product.

  • We have worked with universities to help construct their research facilities for conducting experiments.
  • We have also worked artists who work with electromechanical components in developing their kinetic art.

Product Design 1-001
Two axis scanner set up for underwater experiments for PESIT

Photo 19
Stepper motor drive system for two axis scanner

We follow a methodical approach to working on projects that begins with customer requirements and descriptions, is developed during ideation and conceptualization phases, is fine-tuned through prototyping and experimentation, and finally tested and packaged in a convenient form. Some of the areas we have helped customers in are:

  • Overall product
  • Mechanical Manufacture & Assembly techniques
  • Electrical and electronics setup
  • Controls setup with/without programming
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Installation and training (maintenance & troubleshooting)