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Specialized Testing Equipment or Automated Testing Equipment (ATE)

Products manufactured by our customers often require to be inspected either at the developmental stage of their life cycle or during regular production. Hence, at Sasyaka we design two distinctively different types of testing machines namely, Endurance Test Machines (ETM) and Quality Test Machines (QTM), or commonly referred to as End of Line machines (EOL).At Sasyaka Engineering, our forte lies in designing and developing specialised testing equipment that will help in increasing efficiency, reducing the number of man errors to produce the perfect component part.

Specialised Testing Equipment

Both kinds of machines:

QTM for Aditya Autoproducts and Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Photo 13
ETM: Water Testing for Dura Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.

    The design process revolves around the product or device to be tested (Device Under Test – DUT). It usually follows the following stages:

  • Understand Customer’s initial requirement
  • Understand product through an Initial Study on samples
  • Ideation and Design Reviews on concept (often with indicative prototyping)
  • Manufacturing/Procurement of material
  • Assembly and integration of Control system
  • Testing and customer approval
  • Installation & training

Photo 14
Sample of the design flow of a project from design to installation stage.

The nature of the test and measurements dictate the control system used to realize the machine.

Robust PLCs with efficient coding are often employed in Endurance Test Rigs, where the system has less complex analysis and more repetitve actions.

Quality test systems require more analysis and necessitate the use of computer based controllers like National Instruments PACs. Intelligent LabVIEW programs written in-house by Sasyaka is often choice for such machines. These programs can be written to provide the end user with a variety of benefits including:

  • Real-time Data analysis of Parts
  • Graphical data display and analysis
  • Integration of Quality OK printing/marking
  • An interactive and user-friendly GUI which aids the user in operating procedure and troubleshooting problems
  • Convenient Data-logging of test data in a format of choice
  • Customizability of test parameters, sequences, and related functions by authorized personnel
  • An in-depth Maintenance Mode feature to ease maintenance and help reduce downtimes

An example of the features provided in the machine built for our customer includes:
1205 HMI screenshots


Graphs and GUI

These type of systems use various actuators – pneumatic, servo motor as well as hydraulic. In addition to these, the controls system consists of industrial digital sensors, as well as, specialized analog sensors like load cells, torque sensors, etc. Sasyaka designs EOL’s based on clarity of requirements of the customer and the end usage of the product, while paying close attention to finer design elements.

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